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Bodhgaya is one of the most important as well as blessed Buddhist pilgrimage hub in the human race all over the world. Born in the foothill of the Himalayas as a Sakya prince of Kapilvastu (at the present in Nepal), most of the major events of his life, like enlightenment and last oration, happened in Bihar. Buddhism as a belief was really born in Bihar and evolved here through his preaching and the example of his lifestyle of great simplicity, renunciation and sympathy for the whole thing living in the world. All over from the world people visit Bodhgaya for the reason it is the most scared holy place in the sense of human purity.


The Maha Bodhi place of worship in Bodh Gaya is the significant situates of adoration and devotion for the Buddhists. Separately from being a very important Buddhist centre, it is also a momentous and significant archaeological spot, famous all over the world. The place has its holy uniqueness and this is the only reason world tourists visit the pious place to search and read e complete visions of the spot. The place is consigning of art of meditation, in the absorbing aura of gracious finery that actually encircles the total area. The greatest timing for the visit in Budhgaya is in between October to March.


bodhgaya travel ideas


One of the prime locations in the scared city is Bodhi Tree situated in the direction of the West of the Maha Bodhi place of worship, is the tree where Gautam Buddha did his meditation and conquered the illumination of majestic grace. Bodhi Sarovar, the sacred pond of Buddha before going in for meditation, he took shower in this holy pond. This pond is located towards the west of Bodhi temple. The pond is situated in a very beautiful position which is means for the holy place. Barabar Caves, 57 Kms away from Gaya are a little original engraved out Buddhist caves; the internal of these caves is furnished to a breathtaking rub that really eye catching. These caves were constructed in the 3rd century also are fine examples of the skill, which the Indian mason had attained at that time. These caves are understood to be of the time of Mauryan era and measured to be the the most respected curve in the earth.


Chankamana towards North of the Bodhi Temple, is a display place with foot imitation of Buddha. Deo, 20 kms far away from Gaya, is situated in the Sun temple of Deo. The place is mostly renowned for the famous ‘Chhat’ festival, that detained in the month of October to November. Dungeswari and Rajgir are the famous places that are also calculated as the most scared tourist place in the world. Rajgir is counted as the picturesque place, located in the Nalanda district where as Dungeswari is famous for its amazing structured curved.


Huge color of shopping items you can find in the area of the city. It is mostly famous for the sweets and it handicrafts items and ornamental pieces finished out of glowing stone. The entire city is decorated with the glimpse of historic touch of Buddhism, Mayuran architectures with its stroke of historic beauty.

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