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Andorra has the chief skiable area in the Pyrenees. Managerially Andorra is alienated up into seven parishes, such as Canillo, Encamp, Ordino, La Massana, Andorra la Vella, Sant Julià de Lòria and Escaldes-Engordany. The Principality of Andorra can be contacted by road from France through Pas de la Casa and the Envalira Pass and from Spain via Sant Julià de Lòria.The nearest main cities are Barcelona, at 185 km and Lleida, at 151 km on the Spanish side and Toulouse, at 187 km and Perpignan, at 169 km on the French side.


Andorra is moreover, a minute principality situated between Spain and France, is comparatively unidentified and is almost very contingent on tourism. Most visitors reach to the goal of Andorra from its near neighbors, but supplementary are start to come from further a field, from Portugal, Britain and Germany, for instance. Tourism accounts for an amazing 80% of the Andorran GDP and, even though the government is enthusiastic to decrease Andorra’s dependence upon tourism, it recognizes its significance.


If one is taking about its cultural memorandum, the numerous international music festivals held there during the summer months that attract many visitors. The town of Andorra la Vella has frequently been describe as the harmony festival centre of Western Europe.


Andorra is also suitable for the sports lover; for them numerous activities are obtainable in the mountain areas contain walking, hiking and skiing. A further advantage is that the cost of housing is moderately squat. Andorra has a unique attraction for its shrine to Our Lady of Meritxell. Pilgrims pay honor here annually on September 8 approximately. This is a globally predictable occasion and brings in visitors from many different countries throughout the world.
The country resides in 181 square miles (468 sq km) and is rocky and striking, scattered with lakes, forests, and three major rivers. The archetypal flora and fauna of the Pyrenees county rules the over all landscape. Its primary and most inhabited town is Andorra la Vella with several museums and monuments to discover, counting a Miniature Museum, an Ethnographic museum and a Perfume museum. The chief reason, however, for visits to Andorra is for the outstanding for skiing. The country possesses a number of ski resorts, together with Grandvalira which before called Soldeu/El Tartar and Vall Nord, previously Arcalis/Ordino, which accommodate for all types of skiers.


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Amritsar Travel

Amritsar, is one of the majority prehistoric and enthralling cities of India. It is counted as the most glorious city in India as a whole. The place is a significant accommodation of Sikh history and its civilization. Being the doorway for travelers, Amritsar approaches to India on the overland route from central Asia through Wagah border. Amritsar also has an international airport, which in a straight line links it to England and a number of Middle East countries. That leads the visitor easily gets reach to the proper destinations to Amritsar. In 1601, Amritsar was the noticed by Harmandir Sahib, the most important place of worship of Sikhs was accomplished and in 1604 Guru Granth Sahib inaugurated in juxtaposition with people, instead of 52 professions in advanced. During the time of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s, Amritsar had outmoded Lahore as the most excellent city of the Orient.


Recognized for its Golden Temple, the largest part sacred place of pilgrimage of the Sikhs, Amritsar is the most well regarded place of the Sikh society. Amritsar resulting its given name from the water pool (Pool of Nectar). The town is also known for the universal incidence of massacre, in the historic Jallianwala Bagh by the British General Reginald Dyer. The further magnetism of the place is amazing Ram Bagh Garden and its glamour. The Golden temple is an edifice of enormous chronological consequence for Sikhs and is consign where decisions regarding the spiritual and communal life of the society are in use. At some given day, the Golden Temple is full of aficionados yet in attendance, is a great air of harmony and sereneness.


If you want to count Amritsar in the quality of food it presents you the famous Punjabi food in an exclusive way like, the elite Amritsari kulcha, the mouth watering kesar wali lassi, puri channa, maa kee dal,lacchdare paranthe and many more.


If you want to walk around the main visiting place of Amritsar you can find out the most gracious place , Jallianwala Bagh, Ram Bagh, Govindgarh Fort, Tarn Taran and of course the old city of Amritsar. Numerous temples and mosque you can search out in the old city. To the south-west of the city positioned the Fort of Govindgarh that was assembled in 1805-09 through Ranjit Singh who was in addition accountable for the city walls. Jalliwanwala Bagh is immediately five minutes stride from the Golden Temple along with memorialized the death of 2000 Indians at this site who were gunshot at random by the British in 1919.

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Albania Travel

Albania is a petite country in the Balkans. As the qualified majority of the people in Albania are of Muslim heritage (70-80% of the people are Muslims there), Albania also has a large integer of religious minorities. There is also the huge popularity of Albanian Orthodox and Roman Catholic, the largest Christian minorities in Europe all along with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The country makes its own fast destiny as one of the world’s most remarkable tourist destinations as well as snuggled in the compassion of the turquoise blue Ionian and Adriatic Seas.


Albania is a charming and energetic country with lots to offer visitors, including the ancient Albanian historical monuments, the renaissance beauty and fashion metropolis cities.


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The Fortress of Pertrela is situated at south of Tirana on the exactly in national road connecting capital with the city of Elbasan. It was erected up by the middle age; the castle was in the authority of Scanderbeg sister, Mamica Kastrioti, one of the most amazing places in Albania. The Mosque of Ethem Bey is sited just at the hub of Tirana and the constructed period is 1789, jointly with the Clock Tower in 1830. They make a significant historic part of Tirana as well as in Albania.

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Ajmer Travel

Ajmer tour in India has certainly been one of the principal elements in the precedence inventory of tourists appointing it. No historian, or any vacationer for that affair, can consider of a Tour to Rajasthan without including ‘Ajmer’ in his or her schedule. It has designed with the beautiful Aravalli Ranges, overlook the city on single side, at the same time as on the other side, the Ana Sagar Lake edges. The charm of Ajmir is really the magnificent at the same time it is also counted as the world’s one of the most divine place in India.


Raja Ajay Pal Chauhan established Ajmer as a seat of Chauhan power in the 7th century A.D. This was pursuing by the time, in power of the legendary Rajput ruler, Prithviraj Chauhan. Afterward, for the duration of the Mughal epoch from the hub of the fifteenth century, Ajmer handed round as an important armed forces base. Historic Ajmer illustrates day-trippers furthermore pilgrims commencing all over India, as it is an imperative axis of Hindu and Muslim pilgrimage.


Ajmer is positioned 130 kilometers en route for southwest of Jaipur in Rajasthan.
Ajmer has a status for systematized a variety of festivals approximately all the way through the year. These festivals furnish to the welfare of each and every personality on earth, irrespective of his or her faith, belief, social group, dogma, as well as status. The twelve-monthly religious fiesta for the Hindus is apprehended in Pushkar, which is a mere 11 kilometers far away from Ajmer. Ajmer is also a significant objective of pilgrimage for the Muslims as well as the people all over the world. What’s more, Ajmer is also acknowledged to congregation ‘the Camel Festival’ every year that is an supplementary magnetism in this part of the globe.


For the above factors, tourists have a predilection get-together in Ajmer as their pedestal, in view of the fact that the city offers a wide range of transport facilities. Therefore, poignant from Ajmer to other parts of Rajasthan is not a problem at all. Moreover, Ajmer also makes sure easy accessibility of indispensable commodities like food and medicines so as to strength seem, for whilst on a tour.

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Agra Travel

In the mystic world of glory, Agra is counted as the city of grandeur, the most commanded city of India. The brilliance of Agra is uncountable from the time of Mughal reign capital, remains undiminished on or after the gargantuan fort to the dazzling, Taj Mahal. All along with Delhi, 204km northwest, and Jaipur in Rajasthan, Agra is the third zenith of the “Golden Triangle”, India’s nearly all admired and popular tourist route. It entirely merits that grade, the Taj Mahal effortlessly transcends all the dainty and commercialism so as to surrounds it, and continues to have a clean and instant impact on all who see it once in his or her life.


Historically, Agra is the destination favored by the kings and nobles of the Mughal epoch. Akbar, the most legendary and valued of all the Mughal emperors, ruled the India of yore for the fortifications of the Red Fort of Agra. In fact, Agra was the base for most of the Mughal rulers. Every corner of the city is enamored with the royal touch of Mughal dynasty, is calculated for its grandeur and gratitude. Buland Darwaza, Jama Masjid, Itimad Ud Daulah’s tomb and many more are the most important monuments which are not only famous in India but all over the world; moreover, of course last but not the least Taj Mahal, as it is famous in the world, by the name of City Of Taj. There is more famous place of Agra like the deserted capital Fatehpur Sikri located on the outskirts of Agra that is designed in the glory of Mughal emperor, Agra fort, the fort covered with the red sand of graciousness, Hall of Public Audience and the Royal Pavilions as well which stand Agra by the name of grace.


Join yourself in the online information with us; we can come to calculate all the important glace of Agra. All over your lifetime, you will feel the sensations of dream reality in the name of Agra.


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Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is an implausible city, by means of a vivacious and international ambiance. The land is rich with cultural glory and architectural status. The place is the ideal place for the family tourism.


The most exciting places of Abu Dhabi are Al Ain Zoo, Hili Fun City, the Old Souk District, Mushrif Children’s Garden and so on, which is in the status of world’s standard.  The entire places have the great family entertainment. On can enjoy the largest collections of animals in Al Ain Zoo;the place bear the  huge collection for world class endangered animals as well.


Hili Fun City and Mushrif Children’s Garden are the best place for fun and entertainment respectively. Old Souk District is the another leading center that bear huge collections of shopping break as well. These places also offer ice-skating rink and Motion Theatre.


The zoo the abu dhabi has possessed, are the eventual wide compilation of animal attractions and alien creatures from around the world. There is also an unbelievable collection of aquarium, which houses interesting oceanic life and sea creatures from steamy and cold waters. The places have the inhabitant of daily dolphin shows and penguin; for these huge gatherings are there forms all over the world.


The village culture of Abu Dhabi is counted as the Heritage Village and thus the perfect exploration of village culture. Mushrif Children’s Garden is solitary of many parklands and gardens positioned in the region of the city of Abu Dhabi. The greenery of trees and its shades are the outstanding view for the tourists.

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