Turkey package holidays

Turkey has established itself as one the most popular holiday destinations for families, couples and
groups of friends from across Europe. Usually a relatively short plane journey from wherever you
might be, it offers a huge amount that holidaymakers are looking for and presents the chance for a
change for people who have spent so many summers heading to the same Spanish or Greek island

There are good reasons why Spain, Greece, Cyprus etc have become such go-to regions for
holidaymakers but Turkey has equally resplendent beaches, glorious weather and enough sites of
historical interest to keep even the most ardent enthusiast intrigued for a lifetime. Places within
striking distance of Dalaman airport are among the most well visited in Turkey and some of the
beaches nearby on the country’s south-west coast are genuinely spectacular.

The waters are as warm as the welcome, while the food, the nightlife and the shopping
opportunities are as you might expect from a region that has become a central hotbed for Turkey
package holidays
. Inland escape is always an option and there are a plethora of natural wonders,
archaeological sites of great interest and quaint historic towns and villages that are a little more
off the beaten track. Elsewhere, if you’re looking a more intensely urban experience there is a
staggering amount to see and do in Istanbul, a thoroughly modern and fascinating city steeped in
extravagant history.

Another element that makes Turkey in general but particularly its coastal areas such special places
to visit is the quality of the food. Proximity to the sea usually means great seafood but the influence
of Asian and south-eastern European cooking means you’re in for a real treat if you take the time
to dine out by one of Turkey’s now world famous riveria resorts. For families looking to keep their
costs down however, there are terrific options on all inclusive trips to Turkey that will of course
keep everyone well fed and still offer the chance to relax on sandy beaches next to turquoise seas.

There really aren’t many countries in the world that can offer holidaymakers as much as Turkey.
It is such a culturally rich and varied place that your trip can be whatever you decide to make it.
With mile after mile of idyllic coastal areas, challenging but breathtaking mountainous regions and
scorching sunshine most of the year, you will do well to come home with much to complain about.

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