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A travel document means an identity document which is issued by an international treaty organization or by a government, to make possible the movement of people or groups of people across overseas boundaries. Travel document mainly give surety to other governments that the holder may come back to the concerned country, and issued in brochure from to permit other administrations to place visas also entry and exit stamps in them. The most essential travel document is passport, which mainly provides the owner more opportunities such as visa-free entry to definite countries. Thus, the remark sometimes utilized only for those documents which don’t allow evidence of nationality like Refugee Travel document. Given below are some of the important documents which you require before travelling overseas.




You will require cheap tickets to visit. If you are touring on an electronic ticket, as the ticket is getting electronically, you will b e assigned with a journey receipt which you have to take along with you at every times for both international and domestic flights. Make sure that you are also familiar with the terms and conditions of the charges you have purchased and the appropriate carrier’s conditions of stagecoach.




All travelers require a valid passport for overseas travel, apart from your destination, but as some countries need at least 6months remaining on the passport, you have to verify with the consulates of every countries you decide to travel before departure, as you may be rejected to enter if you do not meet the terms.




A visa is the authorization for a non-citizen to visit to a particular country for which it was assigned, subject to agreement of an immigration official during actual entry. The permission may be a document, but normally it is stamp sanctioned in the applicant’s passport. There are various other countries that do not need a visa in different conditions, like an outcome of mutual treaty arrangements.


Electronic Travel Authority (ETA):


This is one of the visas that are accumulated electronically, in place of a label or a stamp in the passport; it will come as a part of your passport evidence when Customs officers verify your passport particulars. Ensure to have your passport information set when applying your ETA applications. Normally, you can be assigned a short-term Business or Tourist ETA if:

You hold an ETA appropriate passport,

You do not plan to work in this country,

You do not plan to stay in this country for more than three months, and

You are healthy and have no unlawful convictions.


Standard Visa:


If you are not suitable for a Business or Tourist ETA or are if not able to file you case online, visit near Visa Office to get a standard Visa.


Arrival Documents:


For overseas flights, when needed, arrival documents will be given to you at check-in or issued by the cabin crew at the time of your flight. For example, for coming at an Australian International airport you will get a Passenger Card that you require to fully prepare for presentation with the passport at Passport Control.

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