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The principal or the capital city of Vilnius has one of the major historic districts in Eastern Europe, illustrious first and foremost by its Baroque churches, many of which have been domesticated since sovereignty by money and missionaries from overseas. Kaunas, Lithuania’s second-largest city, tenders the tourist old merchants’ buildings and museums, and the seaside resort towns are vigorous in the summer.

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Lithuania is an amiable and brisk country with lots to proffer visitors, as well as the ancient Lithuanian historical monuments, the renaissance beauty and fashion metropolis cities. Surrounded by Latvia to the north, Belarus to the east, Poland to the southwest, and Russia to the west, Lithuania has appeared as a previous Soviet Republic to position proudly on its own as an EU country.


By means of its affluent history and culture, and stormily beautiful Baltic Sea coast beaches, Lithuania has also proven to be a flourishing tourist hot spot pull towards the visitors near and far from throughout Eastern and Western Europe.


No longer has Eastern Europe’s best kept secret, Lithuania boasts wide swaths of forest, shimmering lakes, as well as the otherworldly Curonian Spit with its seemingly mile-high drifting sand dunes double-dealing to the west. For most visitors to Lithuania, however, directly east lies the country’s capital, Vilnius which, although small in size, claims the biggest attractions in terms of Lithuanian history, culture and architectural treasures.


A journey to the pinnacle of the 13th century Gediminas castle will divulge the best view of Vilnius and surroundings. Then be sure to stop at one of Vilinius’ very trendy locality cafes or restaurants for a well-deserved smash.


Throughout the stature of the summer spell, one has to observe Vilnius that also considered the country’s cultural capital as the city comes breathing with fashion, music and theater festivals commonly programmed all through July and August. Thus make a elegant voyage to the world’s amazing country Lithuania.

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