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A luxuriant haven is what the picturesque hill place of Kodaikanal or Kodai as it is more prevalently recognized is all concerning. This hill station situated at an elevation of about 2,133 meters high in the Palani Hills, is frequently referred to as the Princess of the Hill stations in addition to, one needs to formulate a trip down there to comprehend why is it so. The reason being that dissimilar other hill stations like Shimla, Ooty, Mussoorie etc. where the unfavorable effects of tourism is now flattering obvious, Kodaikanal still retains its charm in its immaculate environs, thriving landscape, marvelous panorama and of course the frothy haze.

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Kodaikanal is in the middle of the few hill stations in India that were not urbanized by the British Raj. The American Madura Mission set it up as a sanatorium in 1845. The starfish-shaped lake is the heart of the hill location. Another highlight of Kodaikanal is the Kurinji flower, Strobilanthus Kunthanus those blossoms approximately December once in 12 years. The flower tenders a sea blue give the impression of being to the valley at what time in bloom. It is for the reason that of the Kurinji flower, the hills are acknowledged as Nilgiris. The Kurinji flower is predictable to flourish in 2018.


Kodaikanal is also an exquisite consign for ramble aficionados. It bids several beautiful scenic tramping shadows. The extreme attraction is a walk the length of the watercourse that goes to dolphin nudge. One can also march up to Perumalmalai, which is the tallest mountain in the vicinity. Kodai traveler place of work, offers a ramble guide and one can find in turn about possible rambling routes and complexity stages.


Kodaikanal has a good number of hotels, which caters to all budgets. There are hosts of alternative to consume out in the city. Most of the consumption joints in Kodaikanal dish up multi-cuisine food, as of Tibetan to Chinese, as well as South Indian. We provide all the guidance information regarding the place; just join us in our helping guardianship, we will aid you the perfect thing in return

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