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Keetmanshoop is the principal town in the southern part of Namibia that is well-known for the bits and pieces of German architecture. The place is fabulous for its natural reserve center called, Gariganus. The place of attraction which is situated in the north part of Keetmanshoop, is open for all. You can find there, the healthy identified ‘Kokerboom’ wood that consists of a wide thicket of quiver trees.

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Regarding the sight view of this amazing place, Keetmanshoop, museums, parks and churches are the most attractive all over. At a distance visiting the attractions in Keetmanshoop furthermore includes a saunter in the region of the city to see an assortment of old German architectures. Gariganus is also the outstanding natural preservation centre of this place.


The momentous municipality of Bethanie that is one of the oldest resolutions in the realm lies to the west of Keetmanshoop. The chronological view Nama Chief, Josef Fredrik, are the interesting place over here.


Positioned 22 kilometers from Keetmanshoop is the Garas Park that is also the nature treasure for the land. And also there are the amazing preservations of unblemished spot of quiver trees. One can also find in this place the natural rock garden.


So this is an overall glance of this attractive place of Keetmanshoop.

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