If its trendy and classic, its Yotel

If you are in NYC and want to find an affordable yet very original place to stay for a couple of days with access to all that NYC has to offer check out a hotel called Yotel. Yes, it’s not hotel, its Yotel. Yotel provides the best place to get refreshed before you make a trip into the city. Offering easy check in and checkout facility by the hour, Yotel offers cabins with Wi-Fi facility, luxurious bed, 24 x 7 snacks, bathroom accessories and prompt service. These cabins come with the option of Standard, Premium and Premium Twin.


Taking this concept on a broader scale, Yotel has been competing with the top Manhattan Hotels. A flagship was opened by Yotel in 2011 just a couple of blocks away from Times Square New York. It caters as a one stop shop to visitors who intend to do little more than relax. The trendiness at Yotel suits American culture like cheese on pizza. Night clubs, big open terrace bars and restaurants, electrifying atmosphere at the party lounges and a lot more. And when you are tired partying and dancing, this advanced New York Manhattan hotel provides tranquility in its big studious for Yoga, exercise and meditation. Big Green sitting places where you can just sit back relax and feel the freshness of the nature amidst the high buildings.


In a nutshell, Yotel provides the complete package to the visitors. It offers the flavors of groovy adrenaline rich parties, to calm and relaxing Yoga, Yotel is a perfect blend of style, class, luxury and fun. And unlike other NYC Manhattan hotels, Yotel provides all this at unbelievably cheap rates. Such tempting service available to guests under one roof makes them a fan of Yotel thereby making Yotel one of the most preferred hotels in Manhattan. For further reference visit Yotel.com.

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