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Gulmarg is world famous for its pastoral beauty of wonder; nobody can compare the beauty of Gulmarg to any other beauty in the world, that is located in the lap of india. Gulmarg accurately means “paddock of Flowers”. All over the ground of gulmarg, there are the lush grasslands, unsullied flowers in numberless colors, and the bead of moisture shinning like a glossy rhombus all around. It is the real place for a poet to write his poetry; all around, during the hard-core winter, snow hit the highest point of the mountains of Gulmarg. When you walk around the round of Gulmarg you will find the heaven in the Earth; you will get hallucinate by the wind blow of shrine majestic ness. Through out the whole life in your dream the each twinkling spotted dot will woo you all the life.

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If we talk about the historical past of Gulamarg , it is in the beginning noted as ‘Gaurimarg’ mentioned by shepherds. The name, which is presently used was given by Sultan Yusuf Shah in the 16th century, who was enthused by the spectacle of its verdant slopes decorated with uncultivated wild flowers and its icy touch. Once a time, Gulmarg was a most wanted irk of Emperor Jehangir who once made a huge collections of 21 different varieties of flowers commencing the place. Presently Gulmarg cover the area at an altitude of 2,650 m, which is the most counted world’s beauty in the map of the globe.


The voyage to Gulmarg is partly the fascination of accomplishment there-Roads delimited by unbending paths of extreme beauty of flat span of rice fields in the village area. The climatic condition depends on the climatic conditions as in spring there is a lucidity of greenery, in autumn, there is a clear reflexion of golden tint, or in winter, it is completely converted to gracious white. It is simply the heaven in the earth like a sacred white destination. The charming view with purely arranged distinctive colors makes you feeling in the dreamy world of hallucination.


In one line, Gulmarg is the destinations of mystic beauty. We provide you all the details regarding Gulmarg destinations that can soothe your complete voyage to the heaven on earth.

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