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The chief magnetism for tourists in Greenland is the superb realm Arctic landscapes. smooth innate occurrences such as the aurora borealis, are good-looking for a hang regarding in these autonomies, to keep hold of information that the aurora borealis occurs all year but that can be seen only with a dark and clear night sky, that means that it is more easily seen in the autumn months, but that can also be seen until March, but vanishes from vision in the bright summer nights.

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Another miracle of this particular region is the natural phenomenon is the midnight sun that can be seen from Qaanaaq from April 19 to August 24; from Uummannaq from May 16 to July 28; from Ilulissat from May 25 to July 25. The place shows its extra natural realm of mysticism, thus counted for the maintainace of the mystic elegant of life.


There are numerous sanctuaries and wildlife that all the time, throughout the year, follows by the tourists from different countries. For environment lovers fascinating is the surveillance of wildlife, give a perfect presentation of reindeer, muskox, white bears, wolves, arctic foxes and hares, seals, whales. The National Park in the north-eastern corner of the country is larger than any other national park in the world, it is an Arctic paradise and a wilderness with wildlife including the largest predator of them all, the hardy polar bear, and giant walruses with powerful tusks.


Thus, Greenlandic place is one of the UNESCO lists of World Heritage Sites; the Ilulissat Icefjord in 2004 declared as the World Heritage Sites. Between the properties submitted on the Tentative List are: Church ruin at Hvalsø, episcopal residence at Gardar, and Brattahlid (A Norse/Eskimo cultural landscape) (2003); Aasivissuit, Arnangarnup Qoorua (Greenlandic inland and coastal hunting area) (2003).


The place has its own majestic grace and mysticism. Thus make a perfect try to visit the Greenland and we are here for you to give the extreme information regarding this place of world beauty.

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