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Greece is a country with a hallowed past and an at-times turbulent present. Greece offers you a tremendous journey of earth mysticism and myriad of experiences, landscapes and activities. The place bears sophisticated nightclubs of Mykonos and the traditional folk beauty of Delos, on the other hand the grandeur of Delphi and the purity of Loannina, the rocky harshness of the hillsides of Crete and the meadow of wildflowers of spring.

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It is the ever sparkling brightness of light of the Mykonos sun, the thrilling ness of Thessaloniki’s rembetika (blues songs), the tang of home-made tzatziki, and the gossip in the kafeneia (coffee shops). The place is the scared land with the essence of God’s grace with its isolated attitude to each of the monuments and places with nature with a mingling of feathered pure touch; in addition the mystical touch of the lord city Athens.


The city has its chronological glance of purity and at the same time with its overshadowed romantic fantasy touch of idealness. Today’s world of Greece is the vibrant modern city with the sacred mingling of historical grace. And of course the city is enamored with the multilingual culture, represents the unity in diversity.


Even though museums has been crammed with ancient Greek art and artifacts prolong to stay behind a big sketch, the island nation’s Mediterranean climate, alongside with its food, culture, beaches, and nightlife make Greece a top intention for more reasons than simply being the traditional “cradle of civilization.”


Athens can fill coffee table books with photos and in sequence on top tourist attractions such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Then a quick jump to the nearby Saronic Gulf Islands also leads visitors to a varied chain of pine scented islands and wild, spectacular waterfront. In the eastside recline the Dodecanese Islands with its overwhelmed houses and sparkler clear beaches.


The flourishing Ionian Islands that are named as aka, “The Seven Islands” the most famous and important islands also summon with their mountainside monasteries, vineyards and olive groves. What is more, the exhilarating and elegant are the acute tourist’s destinations for the nature lover and the voyager. Thus, make a perfect trip to Greece that holds the memories for the life time.

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