Etosha National Park, Namibia

Etosha National Park is solitary of the foremost wildlife scenes in Africa captivating in supplementary 20,000 sq km spread all over and adjacent its namesake, the enormous pasty and greenish colored EtoshaPan. The vast park has the proper protected reservations of 114 mammal species, 16 reptiles, amphibians and 340 bird species and also the perfect representations of the African Jungles.

etosha national park

Etosha defines, specially, in the Ovambo verbal communication, “place of dry water” otherwise it is also known as “large white place”. The Etosha Pan is a part of Etosha National Park, and spread over an area of in the region of 6.000 square kilometer. The brackish pan makes bigger 120 km at its east and west and, about 55 km north to south, covering almost a quarter of the park. The pan is frequently dry, with the exception of after the heavy summer rains.


Subsequently, flooding canister transpire, for the most part from the Ekuma and Oshigambo rivers to the north. Regardless of its enormous mass, barely the southern periphery of Etosha pan is easy to get to the relaxed sightseer.


So it is the perfect place who is the jungle lover in a truest sense. One can get relaxed and can visit from time to time the jungle owners …means the different animal species. The place is the perfect hub for the nature lover.

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