Jakarta Travel, Indonesia

The Indonesian capital of Jakarta is an enormous and sprawling city, and while this is by no means known for being a tourist destination, there are some interesting sights waiting within the Old City (Kota) area. Those wanting to experience the extremes of Indonesia will find that Jakarta will far from disappoint.

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Top Jakarta Sights is the exciting city of Jakarta is very much centred around the historical area known as Batavia and features an unusual Dutch past. However, the tourist attractions of today are not all particularly old, with the Ancol Dreamland amusement park being one of the most visited and family friendly and actually built on land reclaimed from the bay itself in the mid-1990s. Other highlights include stargazing at the Jakarta Planetarium, Sumatran tigers at Ragunan Zoo, and a chance to explore all of the 27 actual provinces of Indonesia in just one place – at the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.


For more of a taste of local history, there are a number of beautiful mosques and religious buildings spread around Jakarta, such as the simply spectacular Istiqlal Mosque, which is actually South-East Asia’s biggest. The Buddhist temple named the Vihara Dharma Bhakti is another impressive sight and dates from the middle of the 17th century, while other sights worth checking out include Jakarta’s famed National Monument (Monas) and also its characterful district of Kota, where cobbled streets and the dining opportunities around the Taman Fatahillah plaza await visitors.


The museums of Jakarta serve to both educate tourists and provide an enjoyable experience. The Jakarta History Museum is amongst the most popular and features an array of important local artefacts, as does the National History Museum, where diorama’s showcase the region’s rich flora and fauna offerings. For Indonesian art at its best, the city’s very own Fine Arts Museum (Balai Seni Rupa) is the place to be, although the contemporary style paintings at the Bentara Budaya may also be of interest.

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Jaipur- The pink city

Jaipur, the city of victory is the city of extreme royalty with the perfect blending of culture and heritage. The Rose Pink City established by Maharaja Jai Singh II (1693-1743) now is the capital city of Rajasthan. The entire city is enamored with rocky hills, forts and beleaguered walls. Every walls and houses are in the touch of rosy pink; the city explains the actual royal ness of Rajasthan and Jaipur. Now a day, Jaipur is the most exiting tourists place in the world for its majestic monarchs.

Jaipur was along with remnants the barely city in the world that symbolizing the nine allotments of the universe, from side to side nine rectangular segments sub-dividing it. Most noticeable aspect of Jaipur is its festivity with rural touch of grace.

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The city of jaipur is counted for its land of fort and palaces, crowned as tourist point in India. People from all over the world feel affection for to laze around in the glory of this city that smells monarchs all over the place. The city Jaipur sprinkle all over its historical monuments like such as the Jaigarh Fort, Amber Fort, City Palace, Naharagarh Fort and Jal Mahal etc. Jaipur absconds its visitors enthralled to the heart. Its architectural touch of the city makes the tourists exciting and astonished; and each of the monuments speaks the tale of the cities glorious pasts, which are associated with several legends chronology.


The city is also counted for its amazing temples and shrines such as the Moti Doongari, Govind Deviji Temple, Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Jain Mandir, Galtaji and Akshardham Temple. Jaipur also brags some enormous gardens such as Central Museum (or Albert Hall), the Ram Niwas Garden, Sisodia Rani Palace, Zoological Garden and Garden, the Central Park and Vidyadhar Garden and etc. These gardens are a charming position to take pleasure in with your family and loved ones. The place is also famous for its endless museum which are stand in the city sand with their extra dignity of endurance.


Jaipur is the asset of typical Rajashthani jewelries, precious jems, sarees, handicrafts, and many more and known all over the world. The whole city descried the spellbound beauty of endless culture and royalty. Moreover, the pink city has the enthralled Havelis and royal star hotels that you can spend your absolute holiday with complete luxury and lavishness.


We provide all the guidance regarding the trip to the pink city, Jaipur. If you have any requirements regarding the voyage to Jaipur, just make us aware, we are here to aid you in every respects according to your needs and demands.

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Italy Travel

Italy has loads of places to visit. Preliminary from the sea to the mount peak, Italy has varied scenery that draws populace from distant all over the globe. The islands are an additional attraction that is a magnet for tourists. Sightseeing in Italy is a big industry and for its stunning attractions Italy earns in the field of tourists industries.

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Places in Italy with rich historical background have been of significance to one and all. The metropolises in Italy are filled of museums and galleries that heart on the chronological ancestry of the nation. The actual situates to stopover in Italy embrace of Rome, Naples, Venice, Milan, Pisa. The amalgamation of natural beauties of peak, river and sea, Rome is often arbitrator to as the eternal city. Rome has paying attention people for the anecdote and fantasy that it holds with its spiritual splendor and wealthy olden times. The Trevi Fountain, The Pantheon, the Colloseum, the Vatican City, Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s Cathedral, all are the finest monuments that have the grace on the earth.


On the other hand, Naples is an additional city in Italy which is of enormous consequence to tourists. It creates a center of attention tourists for its spacious and mottled characteristics varieties from natural beauties to historical reminiscences. The city is known for the combination of sea and volcano. The castles, churches, villas are of utmost beauty and adds to the historical lineage of the place. Venice is a further city which is more famed for its Gondolas. An approximately around the city on Gondola is a knowledge to fortune all through one’s living.


Pisa in Italy is celebrated for its receptiveness Tower. Openness Tower of Pisa adjoins to the doing a tour sophistication not only as a configuration but also as impressive which is one in the midst of the Seven Wonders of the World.


Milan is painstaking as the trend nucleus of the planet. An excursion to Milan whilst one is in Italy can swank of the incident all the way through. Milan is also famed for its theatre halls and theatres that put in to the artistic self-esteem of the city and of Italy as an entire. Italy is the all way famous city in the world that no one can compare its splendor to the other gorgeousness of the globe. Thus make a trip to Italy and explore the truest mysticism of life.

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Islamabad Travel, Pakistan

Islamabad is a charming city where lush green hill backdrops and mild warm weather set it apart from other big cities in the region. Not for the night owls and party animals but for the aesthetically inclined and for those who has drawn to the glory of nature.

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Islamabad’s relative infancy as a major metropolis is reflected in the city’s architecture, which is modern – the influence of its first urban planner Constantinos A. Doxiadis is pretty evident – yet distinctly Islamic in appearance. The main Islamabad attractions include Shakarparian Hills, Murghzar Mini Zoo and Children’s Park, and Rawal Lake.


Shakarparian Hills, Rising to 609 metres is the attractive tourists place and this terraced garden offers sweeping vistas of surrounding hills, Rawal Lake, and the cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. RawalLake is a man made lake that covers an area of 8.8 square kilometres and adjoins the Shakarparian Hills. It has in the recent past become a popular venue for picnics and gatherings.


Daman-e-Koh is another low peak hilltop that has become a popular spot for picnics, the Daman-e-Koh also affords beautiful views of the city. Murghzar Mini Zoo and Children’s Park is located at the foot of Daman-e-Koh viewpoint, the Murghzar Zoo has become a popular Islamabad attraction amongst children and adults alike. The Pakistan Museum of Natural History also has a display corner located in the zoo. The park is a gift to the children of Pakistan from the children of Japan. The Lok Virsa (National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage) is dedicated to the preservation of the traditional culture of Pakistan. The institute’s museum, located near Shakarparian Hills, holds a vast array of items such as embroidered costumes, jewellery, woodwork, block printing, ivory and bone work.

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Ireland Travel

Ireland is a terra firma verticaled in history and known for its foggy and hazy green landscape, its mores and customs counting legends and folklores, and its affectionate and welcoming people.

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Ireland is a tiny country with scenic landscape in geography. If you want to discover some tourist destinations that are secluded, Ireland has plenty of them.


The mini region with full of historical glance and greenery means a lot that you will remember for the rest of your life. Whether your special interests involve golf in Ireland, tours of castles, fishing trips, shopping, Irish ancestry and heritage tours, or just a trip around our beautiful tourist attractions.


In Addition to exploring Ireland by land in our top-of-range BMW X5 and Audi Q7s sports utility vehicles. One can also deem boat trips the length of the beautiful River Bann on a sumptuousness expertise and discover Mountsandel Fort and the old Harbour prior to the spectacular views at the Barmouth.


We will make sure your tour of Ireland is solitary to remember, though you make a perfect glance of other world tourist spots.

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India Travel Ideas

India is the glory of the earth, the magic of it, lies in its magnificent charm of historical, cultural, geographical, and its typical uniqueness. We are here to inform you all the guldens about the Indian glory, why it is famous for. Voyage the secrecy enchantment and superb diversity of India you will be in our mind, feel the lifetime achievement.

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We are the leading company that gives you the total information about the Indian extremeness of life and its configuration, as it is well celebrated for its – implausible destinations, distinctive culture, ancient heritage, immaculate the boondocks, rich flora and fauna, affluent wildlife sanctuaries, and alien cookery and lots more.


Make a proper glance of its golden heritage as India, the land of speckled cultures and traditions is a terra firma of festivals and fairs. It is a property of festivity, religious over and above for its folkloristic. Whether all over the India, you walk off to the East or the West, North or the South you will be able to trace out every month a fiesta or a fair its majestic arts. Explore each corner of India; you will get the finest of earth’s mystery and royal ness as well.


India is not the single package of individuality; rather it has its own glory of refined diversity. As sight some example, Agra is the symbolism of love and its beauty, as Taj Mahal are there, the seventh of one wonders. Rajasthan is known for its glory of maharaja and maharani’s. Mumbai is the commercial city of India as it is crowded with the hassle life, but has an artistic touch of its own. Delhi, the capital city of India is famous for its historical essence with diverse monuments like Qutub Minar, India gate etc. In addition, India is the glance of total dream world. Come and visit our total site details so that you can reveal the entire mysticism of India’s life and its cultural traditions.


Join with us and lay down your arms yourself to an out of the ordinary tour of India that designed with the colors of dreamy holiday. We bid you, hand picked tours and packages for an exotic holiday in India that lets you wander all the way through lands sheered in graciousness and pageantry.

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Iceland Travel

Iceland tenders a naturalistic and scenic beauty and stunning theatrical landscapes. It is one of the enthusiastic as well as the majority modern cities on earth. It is well known for the midnight sun that is also magnetism, during the month of June the sun does not set in the north and of course pull down the tourists from all over the world.


The exquisiteness of the Iceland is harmonized by the frequent sight contagious waterfalls which are spread all through the country in a natural variety.

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The Dettifoss is the most commanding European waterfall with in the region of 200 and 500 cubic meter of water per second. The size – a drop of 44 meters and a width of around 100 meters make Dettifoss a spectacular waterfall in Europe.


Seljalandsfoss is the most soughed waterfall of the Iceland, when it comes to demonstrating the loveliness of Iceland. It is located in the Southern Part of Iceland near Skogafoss. The most enthralling feature of the Seljalandsfoss is it allows tourist to arrive at behind the waterfall to view the phenomena quiet strongly.


Notwithstanding its name, the Republic of Iceland is far from icy for much of the year and although the summer months could hardly be described as hot, they are mild, pleasant and often sunny, being warmed by the adjacent North Atlantic Current. However, for seven months of the year, snow flurries are commonplace in Iceland, meaning that the country has copiousness to tender in the way of winter sports, such as the ever-popular snowmobiling.


Best time for the tourists fall between May and August, when visitors flock to the country to enjoy its beautiful scenery and diverse wildlife, which features everything from puffins to whales. Outside of this time the Icelandic tourism industry slows down, although Reykjavik, the capital city, still remains a popular destination.


Thus Iceland represents the natural phenomena of the world as its every corner is blessed with extra beauty and grandiose. We are here to show you the complete site of the graceful region that enamored with natural glossiness with its heavenly power.

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Hyderabad Travel

Hyderabad is the capital of Andhra Pradesh, India, and mainly the beautiful state is counted as the metropolis of love and joy. Hyderabad, the city has lot of attraction and the space of allure in it, and the people who breathe here have an inherent politeness and decorum in them.

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The amazing city Hydrabad is noted for its monuments and the historical curve in each area of the city. The most countable among them are Charminar, Golconda Fort etc. that has bear in them the glorious chronological pasts. Stopover the many attractions of the city of nizam whose charisma and modishness are beyond compare in entire India.


The important tourists places in Hydrabad are Salar Jung Museum, Ramoji Film City, Salar Jung Museum, Hussain Sagar Lake, Hussain Sagar, Birla Mandir etc. Charminar is a majestic architectural tombstone position at the spirit of the old city of Hyderabad, constructed by Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah in 1591 allegedly to honor the suppression of pestilence from Hyderabad.


Golconda fort is a regal tribute, which lies on the western periphery of Hyderabad city. It speaks of a great edifying legacy of 400 years and regards as a consign attractive trip. The Minster of Saint Joseph is to be found in the firearm foundry locale and is perhaps the most stunning in the twin cities.


The Jama Masjid is the oldest mosque in Hyderabad and is situated at a small number of meters away from Charminar, in Hyderabad. Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah decorated it in the year 1597, following the achievement of Charminar.


Each grounded monuments are the symbol of historic majestic and splendid. To go a simple glance in the city of joy, Hydrabad, we are here to inform you all the elegance of this city of surprise.

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Hungary Travel

Hungary is one of the important tourists’ destinations in all over the world, positioned in the very spirit of central Europe. The Republic of Hungary is completely surrounded by land, being surrounded by countries such as Austria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and the Ukraine.

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A great deal of Hungary’s landscape encompasses a lot of rolling fields, predominantly approximately the Carpathian Basin, a enormous green space rip by the Danube River. Supplementary parts of Hungary are tremendously hilly and mountainous, such as the easterly Alps, the westerly Transdanubian Mountains and the northerly Carpathians.

Hungary takes pleasure in a fairly constant continental climate, with hot, sunny summer months and cool winters, when snowfall is humdrum. Budapest is the capital of Hungary and by far the country’s largest city, forming the very heart of the tourism industry. The preponderance of its sights is bunched around Buda’s Castle Hill and along the river banks in the city center district of Pest.

Budapest is a tremendously historic city in addition to dates back almost 2,000 years, when early Roman conclusions were first conventional. Bursting of traditional Hungarian allure, Budapest is renowned for being home to the utmost meditation of shopping centers in the entire of Europe. Further noteworthy cities in Hungary include Debrecen, Miskolc, Szeged, Pécs, Gyor and Nyiregyháza.

Thus the city represents the historical glory of chronological past with its basic paramount natural scenery. Come and visit to the exciting place of Hungarian.

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Houston Travel

Houston also swanks various fantastic lures and entertainments on the city’s limits and Gulf Coast. Getting away by car is finished undemanding by Houston’s fantastic arrangement of limited-access highways, freeways and orbital.

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The Galveston Beach which is one of the attracted beaches in Houston area is close to Houston and an immense spot to stop working for the day via the Pasadena Freeway. Attractions here comprise the outstanding Gulf Greyhound Park, bustling Kemah Boardwalk and the all-inclusive Moody Gardens multifarious, where the world’s natural features is showcased in a sequence of imposing pyramids.


George Ranch Historical Park is a important historical place that attracts lots of tourists. It is designed as a 19th-century Victorian mansion that overview the culture of the city. Kemah Boardwalk is the activity center in which delicious foods and shopping activities you can do there in a large amount. Moody Gardens, San Jacinto Battlefield, Six Flags Astroworld / Waterworld, are some of the hike visiting places in Houston. The country which has lots of entertainments has the capacity to make its visitors happy and glad.

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